Microfiber towels: the selection of the best to buy on Amazon and Decathlon

The best camping towel is the best to take camping because they have a light texture, do not take up space, are easy to fold up, and dry quickly. Microfiber is not a natural fabric like cotton but is made up in most cases of 80% polyester and 20% polyamide. Compared to cotton it is perhaps less soft, which does not mean that towels of this type are comfortable and comfortable.

The important thing is to wash them with natural detergents so that they last over time, keeping their properties unaltered. The washing machine is excellent at a temperature of 40 degrees but it is advisable not to add fabric softener. It must also be considered that microfiber towels can have various sizes, to adapt to everyone’s needs, and are also sold in comfortable seats.

Below you will find a list of the best camping towels with their respective characteristics, from the measurements to the type of fabric they are made of, which allows you to compare the various models by choosing the right one for you. We have selected different brands, with varying price ranges, to help you find the perfect towel whether you want to spend a little or a lot.

What is microfiber

The microfiber is derived from the fractionation of synthetic fibers such as polyester, polyamide and polypropylene, through special manufacturing processes. It is therefore a synthetic derivative that can be more or less thin depending on the fibers of which it is composed, characteristic of the subtlety on which the quality of the material depends. In fact, the thinner it is, the greater its properties and therefore its quality.

One of its main characteristics is its capillarity: the millions of filaments of which it is made penetrate deeply, shattering the dirt molecules into particles, which are collected in the microfiber leaving the surface completely clean. On the other hand, the polyester and polyamide of which it is made give it degreasing and absorbing capacity.

Microfiber is used in various fields, from the kitchen to the bathroom, but it is above all in the field of beach towels that it is very advantageous due to its lightness and compactness compared to cotton towels, not to mention the ability to dry quickly. . Today it has further evolved into the two-component ultramicrofiber, made up of alternating polyamide and polyester, even more performing.

Better cotton or microfiber?

Both cotton and microfiber have advantages and disadvantages: the former is certainly more natural, breathable and soft to the touch but at the same time takes up more space, tends to dry more slowly and tends to give way after a few washes in the washing machine. The microfiber, on the other hand, is super-light, very quick-drying, resistant to dirt and able to keep its shape intact even after several washes.

On the other hand, however, the microfiber is less breathable and obviously synthetic, although today’s models are so sophisticated that they no longer present problems due to perspiration or bad smells. There are also hybrid models consisting of a part of cotton and a part of microfiber. The choice depends on the tastes and the use you intend to make of them, for example when traveling microfiber towels are more practical because they are light and compact.

Absorption capacity

Microfiber has a high absorbency due to the high density of the fibers. The absorption of water is in fact favored by the greater number of air chambers and pores between the fibers, which allow to capture water, but also dirt and bacteria, binding them to the individual fibers. All very quickly thanks to the microscopic structure of the microfiber.

Cotton on the other hand is one of the fibers that absorbs the most water, retaining up to 15% of its weight. And the same thing goes for sweat, but when the latter mixes with water and impregnates the fabric, it is rather difficult for them to leave it, while keeping it fresh.

Drying time

Microfibre towels dry faster than cotton towels and are therefore preferred when traveling and camping, situations where there is no possibility of frequent washing and you need practical products to use.

Size and weight

As for the size of microfiber and cotton towels, it varies depending on the model, although synthetic beach towels are generally smaller than natural ones. But even where the dimensions are considerable, they offer the advantage of being easily foldable, thus taking up minimal space.

The weight, on the other hand, varies a lot according to the material: if the microfiber is particularly light and thin, the same cannot be said of cotton, which tends to be heavier and more bulky.


The electrostaticity of the microfiber is an important feature because it attracts dirt, including dust and mites, exerting a sanitizing action: the microfiber in fact reduces the permanence of any bacteria, microbes and allergens because it is an unfavorable fabric for their proliferation. The important thing is to wash it often by hand or in the washing machine, but avoiding the use of fabric softener which tends to damage the fibers and compromise their absorption.

Due to its characteristics this fabric must be subjected to periodic washing, both by hand and in the washing machine, at high temperatures, avoiding the use of softener in order not to damage the fibers and at the same time compromise their absorption capacity.


Both cotton and microfiber towels are available in multiple colors to suit your tastes and preferences. The choice depends mainly on personal tastes: if you prefer natural colors, focus on neutral fabrics, if you prefer brighter colors, you will be spoiled for choice among the many models available on the market.

And if you love personalized beach towels, you can even request customizations with ad hoc photos and graphics, or focus on ready-made models, which show designs of all types, satisfying the tastes of a wide audience.

Tips & Advice

If you are undecided about buying a camping towel and you do not know how to choose between cotton and microfiber, we recommend you focus on the latter because, as mentioned, it is much more versatile, light, and compact. Qualities that elsewhere may be insignificant, but are absolutely vital when camping. Not to mention that the synthetic models on the market, compared to those of the past, guarantee maximum quality and comfort.

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