Motorcycle Shock Absorbers: Which to Choose

The motorcycle shock absorbers are essential to manage the stability of the vehicle and maintain balance during braking as well as to give the right comfort to the rider when there are bumps or uneven surfaces.

Choosing the right components for your bike is therefore crucial and depends largely on your riding style, type of bike and budget.

So how to choose the best ones? Would it be better to opt for new or regenerated ones? Let’s see.

Which motorcycle shock absorbers to choose: new or rebuilt?

How to find the best shocks for harley? A myth to be debunked is that remanufactured shock absorbers are always of lower quality than new ones. On the contrary, it is widely proven that well regenerated shock absorbers with at least 1 year warranty are a perfect alternative.

In fact, in the vastness of choice and brands available, you can also come across new shock absorbers that are qualitatively inferior to some remanufactured shock absorbers. Much depends on the reliability and experience of those who regenerate motorcycle shock absorbers for work.

Among other things, the company that does a good job with used shock absorbers, following the standards in force, provides for the partial recovery of the used part and disposes separately the components harmful to the environment so regenerating them is also ecological.

A brand much appreciated by enthusiasts and experts in the field is Cappelli, which fully meets the requirements we have talked about.

As for the price, the more you spend in the initial purchase phase, the more you will “amortize” the cost over time ensuring a longer life and quality in fact in this field the high price is almost always synonymous with higher quality.

Surely brands like Bitubo, Sachs, Hagon and Ikon are easily available and trusted and offer a wide range of costs and returns. Not cheap but with excellent quality Ohlins shock absorbers.

In conclusion, choosing new or remanufactured shock absorbers will depend a lot on how much you intend to spend to replace them, the safety we want to guarantee and the reliability of the brand or company that remanufactures them.

How to adjust them

Adjusting the suspension of your bike is an important manoeuvre that requires time, agility, competence and patience. In fact, depending on your weight, the luggage we would like to carry, your riding style and the terrain, you will need to adjust the most suitable motorcycle shock absorbers.

Depending on the complexity of the operation it will be reasonable to decide whether or not to turn to a professional in the field.

If you have decided to go it alone, you will need a tape measure and a couple of friends who can help you.

Conduct the tests from time to time observing the results on both the front and rear of the bike and take note of all variations and performance.

Finding the perfect balance is not easy, but adjusting the shock absorbers will give you the impression of riding a completely new bike.

When to overhaul them

Factors such as oil leakage and less stability while riding indicate that it’s time to overhaul your motorcycle’s shock absorbers. Without it being too late, however, it is generally recommended to overhaul the mono of a road bike every 15,000 km and the fork every 30,000 km.

Antique motorcycle shock absorbers

If you are a fan of vintage motorcycles, from the classic Vespa to the Lambretta, from the legendary Harley Davidson to the fascinating Moto Guzzi, you can find new and regenerated ones of various brands such as Ceriani, Ohlins and Sebac, also online.

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