MotoGP 19

Cold, rain and a few handkerchiefs consumed too much, because of an allergy still clinging to the last breaths of a spring that, in reality, never arrived. Spending time in these unfriendly conditions in front of the TV, pad in hand, is almost mandatory and what better way to “warm up” body and mind between […]

Rage 2

Rage 2 arrived on the video game scene at a particular time, when the shooting games are many, quite varied and each of them proudly flags those distinctive features that have become iconic over the years. For this reason, probably, the expectations around the production of Bethesda, daughter of a solid collaboration between Avalanche Studios […]

World War Z

One of the themes certainly more dealt with in video games includes the much-loved/hated “undead”, better known as zombies. While the market is saturated with titles that deal with this topic, on the other hand, we note that players are actually increasingly likely to welcome such proposals in a positive way of gaming. The title […]